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Replace Your Production API With Elixir Today


So, you have an API that is running in production, serving your wonderful clients and customers with the data they need to have a great experience in your app. But most likely you don’t have the time to re-write your entire production API into a different language. Read More...

Zip Arrays, Ranges & Hashes in Ruby


Today, we are going to spend some time digging into Ruby’s #zip method. Zip is a method in Ruby’s Array class, and it allows us to manipulate arrays in some fun and interesting ways. We are also going to find out how the zip method can be used with Range and Hash as well. Let’s dive in. Read More...

UUIDs as primary keys in Phoenix (with Ecto and Elixir)


There are occasions that one would want to use UUIDs as primary keys for database records. The Ecto documentation has a nice example of using Strings as primary keys for a model, but not UUIDs, and there are a few things that you need to change to get UUIDs to work as your primary keys. Read More...

Renaming a project in Phoenix


I recently screwed up the name of a project in Phoenix. I didn’t realize it until it came time to push it and needed to fix it up. I figured it was pretty easy to just rename the project and carry on. Read More...

Rails CLI Commands for Elixir & Phoenix


At first glance, Elixir might look like Ruby, but it’s not Ruby, anyone who has worked in both languages for any amount of time should back that up. But just because it’s not Ruby, doesn’t mean that Rubyists should be turned off by Elixir, and all that it has to offer, including the Phoenix Framework. Read More...